The Michels' Edit

The first royal family of the Vampire World to consist of cross breed vampires. Though residents of the vampire world are over joyed by the coming of the new royal family and era of vampire, some disagree with the fact that the vampire king Zink did not marry a noble vampire woman. This has caused minor controversy between vampires and even other races of people.

The Suluvins Edit

Queen Hanna Suluvin of the Demon World was left as heir to the Demon throne after her late Mother and Brother. During recent years whilst her Mother Silia Suluvin reigned she suffered from an illness which she had died from. Hanna's brother also suffered and died from the same disease as a result from inheritting it from his late mother. Even in these tragic events Hanna was still able to maintain stability within the demon world.

The GreysEdit

The King and Queen of the Darklands; Nelson and Esmerelda Grey are highly respectable amongst most other monarchs as they are elders and also the wisest of monarchs. It is believed because of this, there is no need for a high court leader for their world. The King and Queen of the Darklands ruling firmly but fairly over their lands have a more orthadox larger family than most other Royal families. They also have a good alliance with the Vampire King Zink which leads to more than a beautiful friendship between the two worlds blossoming.

The Jones'Edit

The up and coming young monarchs King and Queen Neil and Bunny Jones of the White World continue on their drive to keep improving the land of abundant snowfall. Although Bunny was orignally an heir to the Vampire throne, her father Zink gave all his children a choice of inheritting the thrown of the White Wold passed by his father if they didn't want to take the vampire throne. Since Bunny's brother and sisters were presently waiting who it is there parents will pick to be the next vampire king or queen, Bunny took it upon herself to take the throne in the White World as she was saddened by the conditions it was left in after her Grandfather reigned. She then fell in love with and married Neil Jones, the Nephew of Lady Willamina Jones.